Moma Pre-Matric Scholarship 2015-16 for Minorities for Class 1 - 10 students

Discussion in 'Scholarships for Minorities' started by OnlineScholarship, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. Ji You can apply offline for pre matric
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  2. please give me a scholarship
  3. Piu Samanta

    Piu Samanta Guest

    i m a madyamick pass joined this scholarship
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  4. seemi swain

    seemi swain Guest

    this msg is for all who r looking for the site .Please in this same page there is a link if u click on this link automatically this site open which u r looking but if u r typing in the address bar u will not get the website. take help of google search u go by way too.
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  5. To: tathavad
  6. Hello Sir/ Madam I am looking for the last date
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  7. Muntekhab Hussain please give me application form
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  8. I want to know how to submit my bank acc. no. online.
  9. bhavesh satpute

    bhavesh satpute New Member

    Sir muze bhi scholarship chahiye
  10. ishfaq

    ishfaq Guest

    Click on the website and then go to the sign up after you can get the online forms
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  11. pankaj verma

    pankaj verma Guest

    Please give me minority student scholarship requirements
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  12. attar

    attar Guest

    hi what is the process to apply it
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  13. ammar

    ammar Guest

    ask me all details
  14. minority category
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  15. fatema nesha

    fatema nesha Guest

    please give me link for print my application
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  16. moma

    moma Guest

    process of online application of Pre matric
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  17. please give me list of documents
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  18. beheaded. ..

    beheaded. .. Guest

    provide me eligibility for minority scholarship for 10 th class
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  19. buddhapal

    buddhapal Guest

    submission date wadhawa
  20. shallu bawa

    shallu bawa Guest

    I wud like to confirm whether the D.A.V. public school palampur,distt. Kangra, H.P. is registered for pre metric minority scheme or not?
    Thank you.
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