How To Download Ishan Uday Award Letter If I Lost Email Id

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Sir i forgot my email id.i selected in ishan i forgot email so how cn i downld award letr?

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  1. Sir i forgot my email id i selected in ishan uday as i forgot email so how can i download award letter?
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  2. Rizaul karim

    Rizaul karim New Member

    please send the details to apply for udaan uday

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  3. guest

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    Bro ,Did u get the award letter? I hv lost my email too ...I cant understand ...what to do..tell me if u know
  4. guest

    guest New Member

    I am Madan Mandal and I selected from ishan uday 2016-17.but sir I am loss my email id. please help me!! sir please my email sand this email. my sir my phone number 9859710278 please sand my e-mail this number.please please please sir help me!!
  5. guest

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  6. guest

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    Dear sir/mam
    My e mail is
    I didn't recieve award letter till now when will i get my award letter sir/mam
  7. guest

    guest New Member

    Respected Sir/Ma'am
    I have received an email that I can download the award letter from the ugc portal but when I check it is written only you are selected for the ishan uday scholarship.... how many days will it take to get the award letter???
  8. guest

    guest New Member

    any one gt award letter
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