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    Competition Name – Google Code Jam 2015

    Organized By - Google

    Provided By –

    Home Page -

    Last Date – 12th April, 2015

    Google Code Jam 2015 Competition

    The registration of 12th Annual Google Code Jam 2015 is open now. The competition contains Algorithmic Problems to test the applicant or participants skill in solving the issues using computer network. The applicants have to solve the problem in a given period of time. The student and the professional from across the world to face off with each other by attempting the algorithmic puzzles.

    Google is the administering and hosting authority to launch a Google Code Jam, an International Programming competition. The competition is started in the year 2003 to recognize the top engineering talent for probable service at Google.

    In the previous year, means 2014 more than 50,000 candidates or coder participated to compete for prizes. Out of 50,000 candidates, the Gennady Korotkevich is the one who stood alone as the Google Code Jam Champion.

    In this 2015 year, the Champion of Google Code Jam will get the grand prize of $15000 and the winner of the Distributed Code Jam will get $3000.

    The registration for Google Code Jam 2015 is on the air till 12th April, 2015 with the qualification round which will held on 10th April and the final competition is scheduled on 14th and 15th August, 2015. The participant must be the age of 13 years or more during the time of registration for the competition.

    Who is eligible to apply for Google Code Jam 2015:
    {@#} Anyone whose age is 13 years or above is eligible to apply for Code Jam 2015.

    {@#} The candidates who is the current employee/intern of Google Inc., or an employee of any Google affiliate or subsidiary is not eligible to apply for the Code Jam 2015 competition.

    {@#} If the candidate have a job proposal from Google, then the candidate need to stop competing in the rounds when you become an employee.

    {@#} The family member or living in the same house as a Google employee or an employer of any Google associated or subsidiary is not eligible to apply.

    {@#}The citizens of Quebec, Sudan, North Korea, Cuba, Syria, or anywhere that the contest is prohibited by law are not eligible to apply for the Code Jam 2015 competition.

    Reward of Google Code Jam 2015

    The top scoring one thousand participants from Round two or if the candidate is the winner of the code jam 2014 will receive a T-Shirt.

    Cash Prize –

    First Prize - 1st prize winner will get an amount of 15000 USD

    Second Prize - 2nd prize winner will receive an amount of 2000USD

    Third Prize - 3rd prize winner will be provided with 1000 USC

    Fourth to Twenty Sixth Place – The 4th to 26th place student will get 100 USD.

    How to Apply for Google Code Jam 2015:

    To apply online for Google Code Jam Application form, the applicant are required to Register online.

    During registration, the participant should have to fill the following details.


    The participant have to enter their name as well as select a screenname or nickname.

    Google have a right to alter the participant screenname or nickname for publication reason on Google website, mainly if they are in Google’s sole opinion and go against the property rights of others.

    Email Address-

    Candidate can only make the registration for Code Jam 2015 with a valid email
    If the participant attempting to compete with multiple email addresses will be disqualified form the competition.

    Procedure of Selection for Google Code Jam 2015:

    <$> There are multiple rounds of Google Code Jam and fixed time limit in which the participant participate to solve a algorithmic problems.

    <$> All the rounds takes place in the scheduled time.

    <$> The participant who perform well in a round move forward to the future rounds, till the finals, in which the champion is decided.

    <$> All the rounds of different duration, starting from 2 hours to 4 hours except for the qualification round which end 25 hours.

    Qualification Round:

    The participant are not required to compete at the beginning of the qualification rounds. Its 27 hours long competition, so that the participant across the world can compete at their convenient time. Any participant who earns a fixed number of points which will be displayed on the contest scoreboard will go forward from the qualification round and be eligible for the 1st round.

    First Rounds:

    There are three first rounds for the competition.

    Round 1A, Round 1B and Round 1C. Each round would be of two hours, thirty minutes. The contestant can particapte in all three of the first rounds or any round randomly but once the candidate place in the top 1000 of a first round, then he/she will be eligible for Round 2 and the candidate will not be allowed to participate in the first round later.

    Second Rounds:

    In the second round, the 3000 participant who forwarded from round one can participate. This round is also of 2 hours and thirty minutes time. The top 1000 contestant will win T-shirts and top 500 participant forward for Round 3.

    Round Three:

    The 500 contestants have to participate in this round who come from Round 2. It is also of same duration of time 2 ½ hours. From the 500 contestant, the top 25 contestants will move forward to the Onsite Finals. In case any of the candidate from 25 are not able to participate in the Onsite Finals for any of the reasons, Google may forward to the contestants ranked below 25th place in place of him.

    Onsite Finals:

    From the total of the participant the top 25 contestants will travel in the world Google office and race for the grand prize, and for the title of Code Jam Champion.

    Google Code Jam Schedule
    DateTime (UTC)* Time Duration Description

    10.3.2015 to 12.4.2015 at 2.00 UTC
    19:00 UTC 33d 7hr Registration
    10.4.2015 23:00 UTC 27hr Qualification Round

    18.4.2015 01:00 UTC 2hr 30min Sub-Round A
    Online Round 1:

    2.5.2015 16:00 UTC 2hr 30min Sub-Round B
    Online Round 1:

    10.5.2015 09:00 UTC 2hr 30min Sub-Round C
    Online Round 1:

    30.5.2015 14:00 UTC 2hr 30min Online Round 2

    13.5.2015 14:00 UTC 2hr 30min Online Round 3

    14.8.2015 TBD TBD Onsite Finals

    Address - 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States, Contact Number: 1650 2530000
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